Meals That Matter

Food Poverty

Approximately 400,000 children in London under the age of 16 are currently struggling to afford or access enough food. A study conducted by the University of Leeds found that 1 in 10 primary school children are only eating half the daily calories recommended for their age.

Families on low incomes are at risk of serious health issues due to both insufficient calorie intake and obesity. Cheap processed foods lacking essential nutrients and high in saturated fats are often all that low-income families can afford. Poor diet and dysfunctional eating habits can have a lasting impact on a child’s health and development.


Meals That Matter is The Childhood Trust’s volunteer programme that works to combat food poverty among London’s low-income families. The programme brings together corporate volunteering groups with a local charity to provide healthy hot meals for children and young people.

Meals That Matter provides volunteers with an opportunity to plan, cook, and serve a hot meal to a group of children or young people at a community or youth centre. Projects typically cost between £500 and £850 and are met by the volunteering group.

By cooking and serving a meal at a local charity, volunteers spend time with children and see the difference these amazing projects make to the lives of children living in poverty in the capital.

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