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Furniture Poverty

Despite being one of Europe’s richest cities, London has the highest child poverty rate in the country and one of the highest in Western Europe. A key driver of the capital’s high poverty rate is its housing market. A two-bedroom private rental in London is over double the average rate for the rest of England. As a result, thousands of low-income families in London are unable to afford essential furniture in addition to their rent payments.

Families in furniture poverty are unable to access the basic furniture items and appliances necessary for a decent quality of life. Factors contributing to families’ experiences of furniture poverty include low-income, narrow or exclusive criteria for support from councils, and a lack of funding available from local welfare provision schemes.

Our Furniture Shop

Please purchase an essential furniture item for a child in need.

All furniture items purchased are brand new, chosen for individual children based on their needs and preferences, and delivered directly to the homes of families referred to our Decorate A Child's Life programme.



BUY a child a desk to do her schoolwork and activities on.



BUY a child a dresser to keep his clothes and belongings in.



BUY a child a comfortable bed to sleep in at night.

Desk Chair


BUY a child a desk chair for her home learning setup.



BUY a child a lamp to make her bedroom more functional.



BUY a child new and clean bedding to sleep in.

Referred Bedrooms


Thank you for giving us hope. Thanks for making it worth carrying on as it has been truly hard, thanks so much.

Pamela (Mother of beneficiary)