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Galiema Amiem Cloete

Galiema became the acting Head Teacher at Rotherhithe Primary in February 2012 following a period of instability of leadership at the school. The school serves a community were the deprivation factor is high (double that of schools nationally) and the percentage of children with English as an additional language is three times higher than schools nationally.

The school was placed in Notice to Improve in February 2011 due to lack
of progress, poor data, and poor teaching. Under her leadership the school was graded Good with outstanding features in January 2014. The school’s data moved from significantly  below National  Expectations to in line with and above in less than 18 months. The school has obtained various awards and most recently became a Centre of Excellence for Inclusion. The Local Authority, recognising the rapid improvement, progress and pace at which it was achieved, requested that she support a second school seeking strong leadership – Dog Kennel Hill primary school.

Galiema is originally from South Africa where she trained and became
a teacher in 1992. She taught in Cape Town for 9 years, also working in deprived areas. Having experienced first-hand and  grown  up in the Apartheid era, Galiema is and has always been focused on ensuring equality in the provision for all pupils in education, striving to ensure that EVERY pupil makes progress and reaches their full potential.

Since 2013 Galiema has been supporting 10 different schools in Southwark, Lambeth, Greenwich and Bexley, actively seeking to increase the life chances and educational outcomes for all pupils by supporting and coaching school leaders.