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Sarah Johnstone
Programme Manager

Sarah has always had a keen interest in human rights on an international level, starting her career working for the likes of Oak Foundation and Peace Bridges International. Sarah started working with grassroots organisations that support children and young people at Stars Foundation, initially in sub-Saharan Africa, and later setting up the Foundation’s Award programme in Latin America-Caribbean.

Her additional interest in gender rights led her to volunteer in the past on the National Domestic Violence Helpline and currently for the Women and Girls Network. She has worked in consultancy roles for the With and For Girls Collective and Global Philanthropy Project, as well as Philanthropy University.

She has broad experience setting up and managing funding programmes, ensuring a participatory funding approach, organising capacity building activities, and working in collaboration with other funders to support local partners so that they can continue their work on the ground.

Sarah studied Spanish and Portuguese at university followed by a Masters in International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS. Sarah speaks French, as well as fluent Spanish and Portuguese and loves dancing, tea and travelling.