In light of the Coronavirus and its inevitable impacts on vulnerable children and young people across London, The Childhood Trust is launching the Champions for Children  match-funding campaign to raise UNRESTRICTED FUNDS for charities working with children whose lives have been impacted by the pandemic.  

Applications have now closed for the Champions for Children campaign

How does the Campaign Work?

Funds raised during Campaign Week are MATCHED from two different pots: pledge donors and Childhood Trust funds.

Pledge donors can be anyone from your network (individuals or organisations such as your corporate partners or trusts/foundations). As part of the application process, you will need to sign up pledge donors to support your campaign.

Donations during the campaign will first be matched by your pledge donor and then by The Childhood Trust.

Campaign Week will take place 23-30 June and funds disbursed shortly thereafter.

What support does your charity receive through the campaign?

The Childhood Trust will be running two webinars/workshops to support charities through the campaign. 

On 6 April, we ran a SUPPORT WEBINAR for all prospective applicants. Please find the key resources below: 

  • Access the webinar recording (audio and video) here. (It's about 38 mins long.)
  • View the PowerPoint used to explain the match funding and campaign process here.
  • View our Pledges Tips and Hints doc here
  • View our live FAQ document below






We will also be running a workshop on 27th May on HOW TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN. Please find the workshop agenda here

The Big Give also provides a lot of guides and resources through the application and campaign processes. 

Finally, The Childhood Trust is also always around to support you through this process for any one-to-one advice you might need, so please do let us know if you're struggling with anything or have a query!

What does 'unrestricted funding' mean?

This campaign is designed to support charities through the longer-term impacts of Coronavirus pandemic and ensure continued support for vulnerable children and young people. To this end, the funds raised through this campaign can be spend on whatever charities need to ensure this happens.

Unfortunately, however, there are two exceptions to this. We are unable to support campaigns raising funds for the following:

  • Capital expenses
  • Religious activities

In terms of timeframe, given the immediate need for these funds, it is expected that the funds will be spent within 12 months of the campaign (ie by July 2021). 

Unrestricted funds do still require donor reporting. The Childhood Trust will require charities participating in the Champions for Children to tell us how the funds have been spent.


Champions for Children is open for applications from all charities that meet the following criteria:

  • Charities working with vulnerable children and young people based in London 
  • Charities with at least one set of accounts showing on the Charity Commission
  • Charities with over £25,000 income as per their last financial accounts 

Total funds to be raised in the campaign must be between £4,000 and £100,000. 

It is also expected that once the lockdown is relaxed/ lifted, work with chidren and young people will recommence.

The Campaign Timeline

How to Apply?

If you wish to apply, please register on the Big Give website and and click on the link to the Champions for Children campaign. If you have already registered on the Big Give site, you just need to login to your account. 

if you applied to the Summer Give 2020, the Big Give will be in touch with information on how to amend your application. 

If you have any questions about the Big Give platform, please email the Big Give directly on‚Äč










"Thank you for initiating this campaign- not only is it a lifeline for us fundraisers and our beneficiaries- but it’s really helped with company morale. It’s made staff make space to think creatively, which has been challenging while we are fire fighting,  and it’s lifted us- so thank you!"

- Champions for Children applicant