In April, in light of the Coronavirus and its inevitable impacts on vulnerable children and young people across London, The Childhood Trust launched the Champions for Children  match-funding campaign to raise UNRESTRICTED FUNDS for charities working with children whose lives have been impacted by the pandemic.   

The campaign took place in June 2020 and The Childhood Trust supported 94 brilliant charities to run fundraising campaigns, providing much-needed match funding, as well as capacity support to the charities participating to ensure their campaigns were as successful as possible.



These charities support children and young people across London from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are being negatively impacted by lockdown and the Coronavirus more broadly. 

The video below explains this in greater detail.

The charities will provide loving care, hot meals, fun activities, recreation, mentoring and many more brilliant activities and opportunities over the next 12 months that will provide support to the children to alleviate this negative impact as much as possible.

Furthermore, charities themselves have seen a severe reduction in funding opportunities, with the elimination of fundraising events and the broader funding sector suffering under the uncertainty of the country's financial situation. Staff have been furloughed, capacity reduced, yet demand from children and young people has increased steeply.  The campaign provided unrestricted funds for charities facing financial uncertainty over the next 12 months. 


The Campaign

The charities collectively raised £3,655,349 to support an estimated 714,000 children across London.

The Childhood Trust will collect reporting on how charities have been spending their funds 6 months and 12 months after the campaign (January and June 2021, respectively).  

In the meantime, the graphics below show charities' achievements during the campaign and the campaign's immediate impacts. 

















Drawings by children worried

by the crisis.