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  • 267815
    Disadvantaged children engaged
  • £ 8.88 M
    Raised to fund projects
  • 188
    Projects delivered
Data from July 2022 to June 2023

Our Vision

We believe that every child should have a healthy, happy and safe childhood so that all children are well prepared for life, breaking the cycle of poverty.


The cost-of-living crisis is having a devastating impact on children living in poverty.

We are facing a growing crisis. 700,000 (33%) of children are living in poverty in London, with our research finding that the equivalent of 40% of London children are regularly missing meals and going hungry due to the cost-of-living crisis. 

Startling statistics are emerging that illustrate the extent of the crisis for children. Earlier this year, 78% of school and public health nurses reported that children’s teeth were decaying or being damaged at a higher rate than usual due to child hunger and poor nutrition. 72% of school staff saw an increase in hygiene poverty amongst school children. In our winter research report, "There's Nothing Left for You: Children in Deep Poverty", 90% of social workers surveyed found that deep poverty is reducing the ability of children to make the most of their education. 58% of paediatricians surveyed attributed a rise in caseloads to an increased number of children experiencing deep poverty. Our most vulnerable children are now facing life-changing, life-limiting deep poverty rather than significant hardship. 

Please help us to transform a vulnerable child's life. Your support will help to ensure that poverty doesn't ruin a child's life.

Thank you! 

Our Christmas Challenge 2023 raised over £4.7M

We were delighted with the success of our Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023 appeal, that has raised £4,744,965 – a huge 18% increase on last year’s Christmas Challenge! These funds will support the delivery of our Prepared for Life Programme, that consists of 88 projects across London, ranging from projects that provide hot, nutritious meals to hungry children to projects that provide safe play spaces, improve resilience and build confidence, helping children experiencing poverty to be better prepared for life. A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated this year, together you've helped stop poverty from ruining the lives of so many children.

With the costofliving crisis forcing many more families into deep poverty, many children desperately need our help. We will be launching our Champions for Children appeal in June 2024 and need to raise a £1m match fund before then to enable this campaign so we are extremely grateful for your continued generosity 

Young filmmakers highlight food poverty and London's housing crisis

As part of our mission to promote the voices of children and young people, we worked in partnership with the Octavia Foundation and a group of young people to produce two films. These films highlight some of the many challenges facing children and young people in London such as inadequate housing and food insecurity. The young people wrote, produced, shot, and edited these films with no prior experience. Both films were premiered at our London Child Poverty Summit.

Can't Let Them In

18-year-old Ahmed lives with his parents and younger sister in a cramped one-bedroom flat. When an escalating leak seeps into the lower floor, it draws the attention of their furious neighbours as well as the imposing council. Riddled with shame in his circumstance, Ahmed refuses to answer or let them in... But with his innocent and curious sister in the flat with him, the knocking at the door becomes harder to ignore.

In The Music

14-year-old Desha is a timid young girl, obsessed with escaping reality in the world of her mixtapes - and it is with the help of her mixtapes that after getting herself in detention, she puts into action her plan to dress in a convert disguise and steal a keyboard from her school... But why is this shy young girl having to steal a keyboard?

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Every child should have a healthy, happy and safe childhood so that all children are well prepared for life, breaking the cycle of poverty.