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We would prefer it if members of the public supported the work we do by making donations directly to the projects we feature in our campaigns (as listed below). This way, through our partner platforms we can see which projects you support and we'll use our funds to double your donation. 

For companies and philanthropists: We would welcome the opportunity to explain how we work to make your donations go at least four times further as well as to introduce you to some of the truly inspiring projects that we support.

Please call or email our Chief Executive, Laurence Guinness who would love to meet you to discuss how we can work together to help support even more disadvantaged children across London.

Tel:  07507 880 109  Email:

This powerful documentary (53mins) provides a moving insight into how poverty affects the lives of children and young people living in London. 

If you want to make a donation to directly support our work please use this link:

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Fundraising Campaigns and Events



The Summer Give is a themed online matched giving fundraising campaign that raises funds to cover the costs of providing children and young people with much needed support during the long summer holidays.

Many disadvantaged children dread the long summer holidays as they often go hungry, are out on the streets and are exposed to violence or worse. The projects we work with provide safe and fun activites, meals and emotional support to help ensure children can return to school ready to learn having had relief from the chronic stress that poverty can cause. 

The Summer Give 2018 raised £1,002,451 for 47 charities supporting over 15,000 children and young people. The campaign ran from the 11th to the 18th of June.

“The Childhood Trust meant that I spent time on a holiday with my 5 brothers and sisters for the first time since we were all in care, so now I am not alone and feel I can achieve something.” Susan, aged 15


The Childhood Trust's  Christmas Challenge with The Big Give

The Christmas Give  raises funds for charity projects that meet the needs of local children for practical, emotional or inspirational support. The projects may be short interventions or last the whole year.     

What matters most to us is that there is proven need and that the project is effective in meeting children's needs. We also require that all our projects can demonstrate their impact and that they report to us regularly on their work. 

The Christmas Give 2017 ran from the 28th November until the 5th December 2017. During this time all donations made via our platform partner site, were doubled, upto the value of matched funds available, through a combination of our Champion Fund and the charity partner's own major donors and trustees who have already pledged their support.

The campaign raised £1.55m for 58 charities with 97% of charities achieving or exceeding their target.

The Childhood Trust has opened our eyes to digital fundraising. We were delighted to receive online donations from new people who we’d never have reached without their support and encouragement David Chernaik, Chief Executive, Apollo Music Trust

You can read about our research documenting the challenges faced by disadvantaged children in this Evening  Standard article;