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Research & Reports

Refugee Children in London - Reporting on the preparation of support by charities for children from Ukraine

In response to the anticipated arrival of children from Ukraine, this research report provides a snapshot of the services provided by charities in London to meet the needs of existing refugee children and young people. It also highlights the extensive preparations and planning being undertaken by charities to support Ukrainian children.

Cold, Hungry and Stressed

This report features research that documents how rising energy and food prices, plus the ending of the furlough scheme and £20 universal credit uplift, have impacted disadvantaged children in winter 2022.

Post Lockdown Children in Crisis (June 2021)

This original research report explores the links between social distancing and the mental health of children in poverty in London.

2021 London Child Poverty Report

A current and detailed overview of key issues affecting children and families living in poverty in London.

Children in Lockdown Report

An examination of recent studies and testimonies on the effects and consequences of the COVID-19 lockdown on children living in poverty.

London Child Poverty Summit: Post Summit Report

A summary of the presentations, panel discussions, and questions and answers from the 2019 London Child Poverty Summit.

Bedrooms of London Report

An accompanying report to The Childhood Trust’s Bedrooms of London exhibition. The report summarizes the policy and legislative background to the housing issues faced by families shown in the exhibition.

Annual Report and Accounts

The Childhood Trust’s 2019 Annual Report details the activities and finances of the Trust for the year ended 30 June 2019.

Child Poverty, Coronavirus & Christmas

An investigation into the effects of the pandemic on low-income families during the Christmas period.

The Children's Summer Holiday Manifesto

This Summer Holiday Manifesto is created by children.
Keenly aware of cuts to youth services in London
the children wanted to use their voices to create
a set of basic entitlements that should apply to all
children during the Summer Holidays, regardless
of socioeconomic status.
This manifesto is their rallying cry for change.

A Qualitative Evaluation of the Decorate A Child's Life Programme

A report summarising the findings from an impact study evaluating the The Childhood Trust's housing support programme, Decorate A Child's Life.