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The Childhood Trust is a charity founded with a simple vision: to support vulnerable children living in poverty in London.

Our work is focused on alleviating the impact of child poverty in London. London children are much more likely to live in poor households than children in the rest of England - 37% versus 26% and are less likely to be able to afford everyday items than those elsewhere in the country. 55% of poor children in London are materially deprived compared to 44% in the rest of England. 60% of London children in low income families do not have a week's holiday away from home (, 2017)  

Child poverty is about more than income; for many children poverty can mean uncertainty, stress, hunger, loneliness, boredom, poor health and a lack of opportunities. The most disadvantaged children fall at least two years behind their peers when they come to sit their GCSE's. 

We work across three thematic areas, meeting children's Practical, Emotional and Inspirational needs. Support from local grassroots organisations across these themes promotes well being and resilience, strengthening vulnerable children's capacity to learn. Education provides one of the strongest routes out of poverty and our support provides disadvantaged children with stability, companionship and trust helping to raise aspirations, creating hope and narrowing the gap in educational attainment and life chances. 

Who we are

We work with projects throughout London, helping to provide vital support to children living in poverty. In addition to practical and emotional support we also help to inspire children through participation in arts, extra-curricular education and sports activities. 

Our Projects

Every child deserves a happy, safe childhood
and a future full of opportunity.
Help us alleviate the impact of child poverty in London
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62% of children are
62% of children are "frightened" of being attacked or sexually exploited during the summer holidays.

This year's Summer Give camapign was our most successful ever, raising £778,641 for 36 projects supporting children in every London...

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The Christmas Challenge 2016 raises £1.4m
The Christmas Challenge 2016 raises £1.4m

   Thank you so much to everyone who donated, shared and got involved. A very special thank you to all...

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Where child poverty in London is highest
Where child poverty in London is highest

End Child Poverty collects data and publishes figures on the level of child poverty in each constituency, local authority and...

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