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The On The Breadline appeal by the Evening Standard and the Independent in partnership with The Childhood Trust and Comic Relief ran for five weeks from 22nd November 2022, raising £4m in total. The Childhood Trust featured for two of the five weeks and a total of £1.28m was donated to The Childhood Trust for the alleviation of poverty for children in London.

Thank you to all the people, companies and foundations that donated so generously.

The Childhood Trust in partnership with the Evening Standard and the Independent is concerned about the impact that the cost-of-living crisis is having and will continue to have on London’s disadvantaged children.

Our objectives are to ensure that children living in poverty in London are not disproportionately disadvantaged by the cost-of-living crisis and can access the practical and emotional support required to help realise their potential

To achieve this;

       The Childhood Trust has allocated grants totalling £1,280,000 to the following charitable organisations;

We will monitor and evaluate the the outputs, outcomes and impact of our grants and report on this in March 2024.