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Practical - Ready to Learn

Offering emotional support and motivation to break the cycle of poverty. We will support groups and projects that meet children’s practical needs, enabling them to make the most of the educational opportunities that they have, and to flourish in school.

Projects that we support include:

  • Provision of meals outside school
  • Homework clubs, Saturday schools and other extra-curricular activities
  • Parental training and guidance

Emotional - Safe, secure and supported

Offering emotional support and motivation to break the cycle of poverty. We will support the emotional well-being of vulnerable children, helping them to address the issues and barriers they face. We will support organisations who work in partnership with children, offering them a trusted person with whom they can engage.

Inspirational - Thriving, not just surviving

Providing opportunities to try new experiences and develop new skills. We will support children living in poverty with opportunities to grow and flourish, building confidence and giving them chances and experiences that their parents may not be able to afford. By delivering these experiences in a safe environment they can explore opportunities and discover skills that allow them to thrive as children.