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Jo Lindley

Jo has worked at leading advertising agencies in London and New York, creating award-winning campaigns for brands such as Nike, Nivea, Intel, ING and Habitat. After taking a career break to raise her children, Jo has started a new career in the non-profit sector, driven by a desire to help create social change and make a tangible difference to the lives of people living in poverty.

In New York she worked closely with homeless women and children living in city shelters, supporting case managers dealing with complex mental health issues such as paranoid schizophrenia. Jo also volunteered at safe houses in Queens and the Bronx, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of human trafficking and gender violence survivors and providing literacy tutoring and emotional support to women who were trying to rebuild their lives after facing the unimaginable.

Jo holds an M.A. in Modern Languages from Oxford University and is deeply interested in identity politics and sociology.