Posted on February 5th 2016 by Laurence Guinness
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Many children in London are living in conditions of extreme deprivation, in environments which are dirty, unsanitary and often lacking in the most basic necessities such as clean bedding, cups, plates and simple furniture. A new project called Decorating Children’s Lives has just started as a result of interior designer Jemma Paugh of JC Decor ltd,  asking The Childhood Trust to help find a way to provide the expertise she normally reserves for affluent clients to the neediest families in London.

We were delighted to help and approached some of our charity partners for suggestions. South London Gallery who we funded in our Summer Give 2015, who run play schemes for estate based families were tremendously helpful in connecting us to the local Residents Association who nominated our first family in need.

Vicky* is a young single mum with three small children living in a council flat. When a sewage leak caused horrendous damage before Christmas, she was forced to vacate the home and move into temporary hostel accommodation. She has been given a replacement 3 bedroom flat but, because she lost all her possessions in the damage and had no insurance policy at the time, the whole family remain in the hostel until she can get beds and basics to enable them to move in. With our project choosing to assist, she now has support and assistance with the basics and we’ve already measured up to decorate the bedroom of her little girl in her chosen purples and pinks. Friends and neighbours have been great pooling duvets, carpets and clothing – and now we are hoping to be able to turn the new flat into a comfortable and attractive home.

*To protect the identity of the family, the names have been changed.

How will this project work? Jemma’s team of builders, volunteers and I will renovate the homes. This will be done using financial donations, as well as goods in kind such as paint, furniture, curtains, cutlery, crockery and electrical appliances. We’ll also fundraise by directing suppliers and clients to where donations can be made and also gift aid added. This is great as it means £1 will be added free by HMRC for every £4 donated by UK tax payers.

Together we are hoping to be able to decorate at least one child’s room each month.

For further information, please contact Lisa Gagliani Tel 0203 759 0748 or email

Laurence Guinness

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