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Mental health problems are linked to financial squeeze on families, according to new Childhood Trust report.

The impact of the cost of living crisis on children has led some to start self-harming, a new report by a leading children’s charity has claimed.

According to the Childhood Trust, a third of the 608 parents questioned in a survey said their under-18s had raised concerns about the crisis. Of these 208 parents, 30% said their children felt stressed, 21% said their children smiled less, and, most concerning, 17% claimed their children had started self-harming. This last figure represents just under 6% of all the parents surveyed.

The cost of living crisis risks plunging many previously financially stable families into poverty for the first time and the outcomes could be “disastrous”, according to the charity’s chief executive, Laurence Guinness.

“A lot of kids are finding themselves in this appalling situation for the first time,” he said. “They are deeply, deeply ashamed and embarrassed and worried about their predicament …

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