Posted on September 14th 2015 by Laurence Guinness

The Chairman of a charitable foundation that is working to alleviate child poverty in London, has visited a selection of the charities that have benefited from a summer fundraiser which raised more than half a million pounds for London based children’s charities. The programme was set up to help London’s poorest children to have a summer filled with fun, food and adventures.

The two charities visited by Childhood Trust Chairman Grant Gordon, Axis Educational Trust and The Winch, are providing practical support and inspiration so that the children will go back to school, refreshed and ready to learn.

Grant Gordon says: “I was humbled by what I saw during my visit to Axis and Winch. Both charities epitomise the aim of the Summer Give campaign, which was to provide disadvantaged children the opportunities that more affluent families can take for granted. Whether it’s visits to London’s historic sites, chances to learn more or just a safe place to play with other children, the campaign was run to make sure children in London had the chance to have an inspirational, healthy summer.”

The Axis summer school was made possible as a result of the £90,125 raised through the campaign. For the past four weeks, more than one hundred children have regularly attended day classes, teaching IT and key skills, as well as having access to outdoor sporting activities at North London Grammar, which hosted the summer school. The children have also been given advice by charity staff on how to achieve their full potential through the process of preparation and rehearsal of non-verbal reasoning, to make them better able to achieve admission into a grammar school.

The £22,405 raised for The Winch has been used to fund a summer play scheme at the charity’s base in Swiss Cottage. The funds raised have transformed the space into an imaginative outdoor space full of colourful art and creativity adorning the surfaces alongside play equipment. A hundred children have benefited from the summer play scheme, thanks in no small part to the enthusiasm and knowledge of the staff who understand the effect of imaginative play on child development.

Gokhan Omur from Axis commented: “We are really delighted with the partnership with the Childhood Trust, and the benefits that our summer school is able to bring to our children. We are keen to expand and continue this programme next year.”


Laurence Guinness

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